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The Design Process

I realise that the whole business of website design can be confusing, especially if it's your first venture. As such, we have detailed below the process involved with setting up your site from the initial brief to it's publication on the internet.

Initial Requirements

I would initially speak to you about what you want from your site, how it should look and find out any special needs you have in order for the site to be a success. I would then ask you to complete a form in which you can sketch any preferred look you may have for your site, ask you to identify 10 to 12 keywords which describe what you do (they are called "keywords" but should actually be named "key phrases". If you are a retailer of beds based in London, your key phrases might be bed shop London, bed retailer, bedroom sales etc) It would help us to know which sites you like the look of, be it that of a competitor or otherwise, so we can get an idea which site format appeals to you.

Finally, I will ask you to write a description of what you do. This will then be used as an introduction to your site for the first time visitor. I can help you with any of the above, though a little time invested here will pay dividends as obviously, you know your business better than I do.

Your Site Mock-up

Once I have all the information I need, I will mock-up some pages to give you an idea of how the site will look and give you the opportunity to review it and suggest changes you might like to see. I also take this opportunity to discuss with you what site content might need to be changed on a regular basis and by whom as well as setting up email addresses for your site

Building The Site

Once you are satisfied with the design, I will press on to complete the site by adding the additional pages, their navigation and ensure that the whole site is optimised to help the search engines locate your pages. Once tested, I then launch your site to the internet linking it to your domain name. You may find upon publication of your site that certain aspects of it need changing. Minor changes within the first month of launch are accommodated free of charge so that we can both be sure you are entirely satisfied with the outcome.

After Launch

Following it's launch, I will submit your site for inclusion into the appropriate free directories and to the major search engines. Please note that market leader Google operate a system where they automatically delay inclusion of new sites into their listings for anything between three and six months. It is known as "sand boxing". They do this to avoid listing sites which come and go within this period. If a site is still around after this time, they consider it worth listing. Your site may well be sand boxed initially so please be patient whilst this process comes to a conclusion.

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